Danny K’s new album Good Look launches

In a world of throw away pop, where idols come and go, an artist who has stood the test of time is undoubtedly Danny K.

Danny K is no stranger to the creative birthing process of making music. After a personal hiatus and time to find creative inspiration for his 5th solo album, he is back with GOOD LOOK – crafted to showcase Danny’s extensive and varied vocal range.

In Danny’s words “Music is highly competitive. There are artists from around the globe after your ears and your soul and to still be standing in the spot light is an honour that I don’t take for granted”

He attributes his longevity to his careful creative direction and choice of musical themes. “I have always concentrated on making sure that my music is relevant, a sign of the times.”

A clutch full of SAMAs has never prevented Danny from feeling that you’re only as good as your last hit on the radio. From Hurt So Bad to the current explosive smash hit off the album, Brown Eyes comes GOOD LOOK – the 6th solo album in the Danny K compendium.

It has gone to the number 1 spot on the likes of 5fm, YFM, MTV and Trace as well as being the biggest SA song on the ITunes store -becoming as big a single as the likes of Hurts So Bad and Made 2 Love U.

The Brown Eyes Music video also took centre stage topping video charts and being nominated for a Channel O Award. With its deep base infused with electro dance and retro soul, Brown Eyes became the catalyst that spoke to the theme of the album Danny had wanted to create.

GOOD LOOK has unleashed what the media are calling Danny’s “Prince-esque” vocal ability. His interpretation of Prince’s trade mark high falsetto’s and deep range has been achieved effortlessly and authentically.

Following the success of Brown Eyes Danny turned to collaborative partners as the ball began to roll on the new album. He wrote 6 songs in London with long time collaborative partner Pete ‘Boxsta’ Martin with whom he had already written a decade of hit material like Get Up Again and Made 2 Love U.

Danny then turned to Twitter and Facebook in search of young, talented ‘garage’ producers. Two of the songs on the album are the consequence of that journey – putting two unknown artists from Soweto and Durban respectively on the talent radar. “I wanted to discover new talent. You can call it my musical give back moment.”

As a title GOOD LOOK reflects Danny’s journey and maturity in the industry. “The album speaks to that individual good look on a person – sometimes its age, maturity or happiness. For me it’s all of the above.”

Featured on the album is Danny’s modern house interpretation of Michael Jackson’s I can’t help it from his Off The Wall Album as well as local collaborations with emerging talent Donald on Personal Paradise and with Da L.E.S on track So Fresh.

The album, due out on October 25 launches under Danny’s J23 label. Danny has been involved in every creative and business aspect of the album from conception to the final product you are now holding – testament to the level of care poured into his work.

In a local music first, Danny K is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Samsung SA. Setting the bar for a new and unique relationship between the smart phone and the local music industry, Danny K and Samsung will be giving away 20 000 albums to download. Not only will the app break new ground in the way music is embraced and consumed in the country but the Samsung – Danny K collaboration will give consumers added-value to locally relevant content.

And now that you are itching to see GOOD LOOK come alive on stage, Danny K and KIA motors are taking his fifth solo album on tour.  Check Twitter for details @dannykmusic and @J23Records

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